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Filio - Fishing tackle binding tool
Filio - Fishing tackle binding tool
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Fishing can often be tricky if you make a tight knot, but Filio is the solution you're looking for!

Tying knots has never been so easy with this product

The barbs of the fishing hook are protected in the bag, while a rotating ring on the finger facilitates the twisting of the line. It is suitable for standard 4/0 hooks, 3/0 c circular hooks and hooks of any size , selected flys , swivels, snap-ons and speed clips for bait fishing. It's great to tie line to line to the leader. You can even tie a bimini twist! When you have finished fishing for that day, you can put the hook back in the Fishing Node Tying Tool. From there it snaps on the rod of the cane and can be kept in the car .


  • Ideal for freshwater, open water and ice fishing.
  • Super easy and safe
  • Keep hooks and swirls secure while tying the fishing line fast
  • Suitable for hooks with a size from 10/0 to 1/0.
  • Includes a twist-top bottle opener and is a great keyring
  • hook cover
  • Ideal for arthritis, cold weather, numb fingers


  • x1 Fishing knot-binding tool

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